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FAA Remote Pilot Certified

Have maintained recurrence with FAA and help certificate for three years

FAA Part 107 Compiant

Abide by all FAA Part 107 requirements, and follow State and Local regulations

Flight Plan Analysis

A detailed study is performed of the site including airspace compliance and flight path hazards to maintain safety

Setup, Deploy and Deliver

Preflight check, flight logging, camera checks and takeoff and land zones always protected


We provide an on-demand liability drone insurance, ranges of $1,000,000-$10,000,000 and underwritten by Global Aerospace (leading provider of aircraft insurance and risk management solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries).

Client success

Your success is our success. We want to be your most reliable and trustworthy service provider against other competition

Some of our Clients

Being more than a service provider...

Being part of your team, ready to help and support your needs...



We take the time to hear and understand the project scope and the role we need to play.


Proposal Phase

Provide in detail of what we plan to do and the exact limits of area of operation we'll be working in.


Safety Measures

The project area is reviewed in several ways; by complying with FAA Part 107 regulations, we use a Risk Matrix to assess and mitigate challenging flight areas, protect takeoff and landing zones, and examine airspace impact to determine certificates of authorization if required. An on-site review will take place to ensure the safety of equipment, people and property.



We strive to produce excellent data for a great price. With minimal overhead, we continue to keep our rates as low as possible compared to conventional methods.


Output Options

Clients can request many different data formats to meet their needs in a CAD and GIS platform. Being said, the dataset may be large so we can offer alternative methods to get the same result!



We are willing to provide technical support to your team to assist with importing data if requested.

Serving the Greater Houston Area

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04.30.2020 - Update Webpage


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